History Buffs: Be Sure to Check Out This Exhibit About Boy Scouts During WWI

Boy Scouts of America played an important role during World War I. Learn about their contributions when the Museum of the American G.I. presents the Eagle Scout Project of Grant Hanson, “We Have a Job To Do Too: The Boy Scouts of America in the First World War.” See it in person this Saturday beginning at 10:00 a.m.

Boy Scouts sold over 2 million Liberty Bonds during World War I — playing an enormous role in war funding. They collected fruit pits to be processed into charcoal for gas masks and helped inventory black walnut trees for use as propellers and gun stocks. They also aided in guarding communication lines and picking up slack for troops wherever necessary.

Scouts were highly involved in other important war efforts as well. For example, some signaled all-clear alerts after air attacks. Following World War I, many honorary awards were given out to Boy Scouts for their heroic assistance in various war efforts. Some Scouts even located a missing man at sea. The boys were told to be trained and ready to assist their country, and they were constantly lending a helping hand in the first world war.

On display throughout the summer of 2019 will be a uniform in the style worn by WWI scouts as well as some standard equipment carried by Scouts, an example of the literature they would’ve handed out, and one of the awards a scout would earn by doing his bit to help fight the Germans!

The Museum of the American G.I.’s goal is to increase the public’s appreciation of the American Servicemen and women through educational programs, static and living history displays as well as historical re-enactments.

This Saturday, stop by and visit the Eagle Scout Project of Grant Hanson! “We Have a Job To Do Too: The Boy Scouts of America in the First World War” can be seen with regular museum admission, which ranges from $4 to $6. For more information, visit

Community interaction is an important part of life, which is why The Point on Redmond Apartments in College Station, Texas is urging you to join in the all of the excitement at this event! Don’t be shy—plenty of fun awaits in the greater neighborhood beyond our beautiful apartment community.

Event Time/Date:
Saturday, July 27, 2019—10:00 AM

Event Venue Location:
Museum of the American G.I.
19124 Highway 6 South
College Station, Texas 77845

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